Document Printing (B/W)

We offer commercial quality monochrome document printing services in quick turnaround time. Technical drawings with fine lines and small fonts are clearly printed.

Time Required
Most print jobs under 500 A4 prints are completed in less than 1 hour. 

File Format Requirements
– PDF (Preferred)
– MS Word, MS Powerpoint

Job Submission
At our physical print counter (preferred)
Through email (for customers on a pre-arranged basis)

Price Guides
* Charges are by printed page, 2-sided printing will be charged as 2 printed pages
* The below prices are a general guide. Additional surcharges/discounts may apply.

Loose Printing charges
1st print (A4/A3)– $1.00
Subsequent prints (A4) – $0.10
Subsequent prints (A3) – $0.30

*Bulk Printing Charges (see terms and conditions)
Minimum of 100 A4 prints
@ 5 cents per print

Bulk Printing Charges (Multiple identical sets)
>1,000 A4 prints – 4 cents to 5 cents
>5,000 A4 prints – 3 cents to 4 cents

*Terms and conditions exist for bulk printing. For example, a print job with multiple files should have more than 20 prints per file.
** The above charges are a general price guide. Additional discounts / surcharges may apply.