Graphics Printing (A3/A4)

We offer commerical quality colour printing services in loose pieces of A4 and A3 size. It can used for various purposes, from brochures, certificates, vouchers, invites, tickets, to mini boxes and wrappers.

Time Required
Printed over the counter instantly

Ordering Process
Please bring a thumdrive or SD card with the files for printing at our print counter. Printing from the Internet or smartphone is not supported. Windows Hard Disk may not be compatible with our Mac print workstations.

File Format Requirements
 -MS Word, MS Powerpoint (version 2016, 2013)
– PSD, Publisher (conversion charge applies)
– Excel (Not Supported), Web Pages (Not Supported)

Price List

Media TypeA4 Size (1-sided)A4 Size (2-sided)A3 Size (1-sided)A3 Size (2-sided)
Paper (Premium)$1.30$2.30$2.00$3.50
Card (Premium)$1.70$3.00$2.60$4.60
Heavy Card$1.70$3.40$2.60$5.20
Heavy Card (Premium)$2.20$3.90$3.40$6.00
Special Media$2.00$4.00
Special Media (Premium)$4.00$7.00
Above charges includes media and printing.
$1 surcharge for orders below $5.00.
Pricing for Members / Design Students located on this page.

Media List

Media TypeMedia NameFSC Certified?
Paper120gsm Bagasse WhiteYes
Paper128gsm Kraft (Brown)No
Paper150gsm Matt Coated Art PaperYes
Paper150gsm Gloss Coated Art PaperYes
Paper160gsm Super White (!Popular)Yes
Paper160gsm Natural Rough (Ivory)Yes
Paper (Premium)150gsm Linen Textured WhiteYes
Paper (Premium)160gsm Pearlux Light SilverYes
Paper (Premium)160gsm Pearlux Light GoldYes
Card260gsm Art CardYes
Card250gsm WhiteYes
Card250gsm Super GlossYes
Card250gsm Natural Rough (Ivory)Yes
Card (Premium)250gsm Bagasse WhiteYes
Card (Premium)250gsm Pearlux Light SilverYes
Card (Premium)250gsm Pearlux Light GoldYes
Card (Premium)260gsm Linen Textured WhiteYes
Card (Premium)300gsm Super WhiteYes
Heavy Card330gsm Matt Coated Art CardYes
Heavy Card350gsm Super GlossYes
Heavy Card (Premium)350gsm Bagasse WhiteYes
Heavy Card (Premium)350gsm Pearlux Light SilverYes
Heavy Card (Premium)350gsm Linen Textured Off-WhiteYes
Heavy Card (Premium)350gsm Hammered Textured Off-WhiteYes
Heavy Card (Premium)350gsm Conqueror Iridescent Silica BlueYes
Special MediaTransparencyN.A
Special Media (Premium)Sticker (Transparent)N.A
Special Media (Premium)Translucent CardN.A
Tracing Paper (Natural)Charges same as Card (Premium) No
Tracing Paper (White)Charges same as Card (Premium)No
Sticker (Matt / Glossy) Charges same as Heavy Card (Premium) N.A
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)
Are the prints waterproof?
Only the printing is waterproof, the printed material is not waterproof.